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Togoshi Check Counters

Code : CH-30

Togoshi Desk Tally Counter

Code : H-102P2, FH-101P, FH-102P, FH-102P2, FH-102M

Togoshi Revolution Counters (HLB Series)

Code : HLB-219-4, HLB-219-5

Togoshi Contact-Type Counters

Code : RS-5S, RS-5S2, RS-303-5S, RS-303-5S2

Togoshi Record-Type Counters

Code : H-100-4, H-100-5

Togoshi Totalizing Counters

Code : DS-402GT, DS-403GT, DS-404GT, DS-405GT, DS-406GT, DS-407GT, DS-408GT, DS-410GT

Togoshi Rotary Counters (RL Series)

Code : RL-4, RL-5, RL-6, RL-219-4, RL-219-5, RL-219-6

Togoshi Ratchet Counter (RS Series)

Code : RS-204-4, RS-204-5, RS-3, RS-4, RS-5, RS-6, RS-303-4, RS-303-5, RS-303-6

Togoshi Revolution Counters

Code : LB-4, LB-5, LB-6, LB-219-4, RL-219-5, RL-219-6

Togoshi Measuring Counter

Code : 3:1-4, 3:1-4L, 3:1-5, 3:1-5L, 3:1-6, 3:1-6L, 3:10-4, 3:10-4L, 3:10-5, 3:10-5L, 3:10-6, 3:10-6L

Togoshi Assorted Counter

Code : DS-402, DS-403, DS-404, DS-405, DS-406, DS-407, DS-408, DS-410, DS-402W, DS-403W, DS-404W, DS-405W

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