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RSK Precision Flat Level (Grade B) (JIS Standard)

Code : 542-1502B, 542-2002B, 542-2502B, 542-3002B, 542-1505B, 542-2005B, 542-2505B, 542-3005B, 542-1501B, 542-2001B, 542-2501B, 542-3001B

RSK Precision Flat Level (Grade A) (JIS Standard)

Code : 542-1502A, 542-2002A, 542-2502A, 542-3002A, 542-1505A, 542-2005A, 542-2505A, 542-3005A, 542-1501A, 542-2001A, 542-2501A, 542-3001A

RSK Precision Flat Level (Grade AA) (JIS Standard)

Code : 542-1502AA, 542-2002AA, 542-2502AA, 542-3002AA, 542-1505AA, 542-2005AA, 542-2505AA, 542-3005AA, 542-1501AA, 542-2001AA, 542-2501AA, 542-3001AA

RSK Precision Square Level (Grade B) (JIS Standard)

Code : 541-1502B, 541-2002B, 541-2502B, 541-3002B, 541-1504B, 541-2005B, 541-2505B, 541-3005B, 541-1501B, 541-2001B, 541-2501B, 541-3001B

RSK Precision Square Level (Grade A) (JIS Standard)

Code : 541-1502A, 541-2002A, 541-2502A, 541-3002A, 541-1505A, 541-2005A, 541-2505A, 541-3005A, 541-1501A, 541-2001A, 541-2501A, 541-3001A

RSK Precision Square Level (Grade AA) (JIS Standard)

Code : 541-1502AA, 541-2002AA, 541-2502AA, 541-3002AA, 541-1505AA, 541-2005AA, 541-2505AA, 541-3005AA, 541-1501AA, 541-2001AA, 541-2501AA, 541-3001AA

RSK Precision Flat Level (Standard Type) (Not JIS Standard)

Code : 542-1002, 542-1502, 542-2002, 542-2502, 542-3002, 542-4502, 542-6002, 542-1005, 542-1505, 542-2005, 542-2505, 542-3005, 542-4505, 542-6005, 542-1001, 542-1501, 542-2001, 542-2501. 542-3001, 542-4501, 542-6001

RSK Precision Flat Level

Code : 542AA, 542A, 542B,

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