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Kori Seiki Durometers

Code : KR-14A, KR-24A, KR-15D, KR-25D, KR-12KA, KR-22KA, KR-16KC, KR-26KC, KR-17E, KR-27E, KR-137A, KR-237A, KR-11SA, KR-21SA

Kori Seiki Tapeless Measures

Code : TM-3, TM-4

Kori Seiki Hand-Operated Counters

Code : H-102, H-102B, H-102M-2, H-102M-3, H-102M-4, H-102M-5,H-102M-6, H-102M-7, H-102M-8, H-102M-10

Kori Seiki Dial Thickness Calipers

Code : A Type (A-10, A-15), G Type (G-10, G-15), P Type, LP Type (LP-10, LP-15), A-1 Type

Kori Seiki Electric Impulse Generators

Code : SK-301, SK-311, BEP-100A, BEP-10A, BEP-1A, BEP-100R, BEP-10R, BEP-1R

Kori Seiki Auto Measuring Counters - PKM Style

Code : PKM3:1-4, PKM3:1-5, PKM3:10-4, PKM3:10-5, PKM3:1-4(2), PKM3:1-5(2), PKM3:10-4(2), PKM3:1-5(2)

Kori Seiki Auto Measuring Counters - KSY Style

Code : KSY3:1-4, KSY3:1-5, KSY3:10-4, KSY3:10-5, KSY3:100-5, KSY3:1-4(2), KSY3:1-5(2), KSY3:10-4(2), KSY3:10-5(2), KSY3:100-5(2)

Kori Seiki Measuring Counters - One-Touch Type

Code : BM3:1-4, BM3:1-5, BM3:10-4, BM3:10-5, BM3:100-4, BM3:100-5, BM3:1-4(2), BM3:1-5(2), BM3:10-4(2), BM3:10-5(2), BM3:100-4(2), BM3:100-5(2)

Kori Seiki Measuring counters (Standard Type)

Code : MS3:1-4, MS3:1-5, MS3:1-6, MS3:10-4, MS3:10-5, MS3:10-6, MS3:100-4, MS3:100-5, MS3:1-4(2), MS3:1-5(2), MS3:1-6(2), MS3:10-4(2), MS3:10-5(2), MS3:10-6(2), MS3:100-4(2), MS3:100-5(2)

Kori Seiki Auto Counters - Revolution Counter

Code : KS-1-4, KS-1-5, KS-1-4(2), KS-1-5(2), KSL-1-4, KSL-1-5, KSL-1-4(2), KSL-1-5(2), AFS-1-4, AFS-1-5, AFS-1-4(2), AFS-1-5(2), PK-1-5, PK-1-5(2)

Kori Seiki Auto Counters - Ratchet Counter

Code : KS-3-4, KS-3-5, PK-3-4, PK-3-5, PK-3-5(2)

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