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LV – Tubular Vial

Code : AK5-13, LV-6529, LV-25, LV-32, LV-40, LV-1240

KOD OTh – 2 Way Oval Level with Mounting Holes

Code : OTh-50, OTh-64, OTh-84

KOD PW – Flat Level

Code : PW-25-70, PW-25-100, PW-35-70, PW-35-100

KOD Rt – Mounted Circular Level with Holes

Code : Rt-12, Rt-15, Rt-20, Rt-25, Rt-35, Rt-80

KOD Pocket Level

Code : SB-13, SW-13, SC-13, SG-13, SP-13

KOD Prism Type Level (With Mounting Plate), Tubular Vial

Code : PZ-PTh-23, PZ-PTh-45, PZ-Rt-20, PZ-Rt-30, AKS-13, LV-6529, LV-25, LV-32, LV-40, LV-1240

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