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SK Leeb Hardness Tester

Code : LHT-400

SK Durometer Stand

Code : DMS-AE, DMS-D

SK Durometer

Code : ADM-A, ADM-D, ADM-E

SK Digital Caliper Gauge

Code : EDC-A1150

SK Dial Caliper Gauge

Code : DCG-MP1

SK Digital Bore Gauge

Code : WCDI-6D, WCDI-10D

SK Dial Thickness Gauges

Code : DS-1211

SK Dial Indicator (0~0.8mm/Graduation 0.01mm)

Code : WTI-8030S, WTI-8038S, WTI-8030R, WTI-8038R, WTI-8030W, WTI-8038W, WTI-80S, WTI-80R, WTI-80W

SK Dial Indicator (0~0.2mm/Graduation0.002mm)

Code : WTI-2030S, WTI-2038S, WTI-2030R, WTI-2038R, WTI-2030W, WTI-2038W, WTI-20S, WTI-20R, WTI-20W

SK Dial Gauge Long Stroke Type

Code : WDI-3058SP, WDI-5058SP, WDI-8058SP, WDI-10078SP

SK Dial Gauge Standard Type

Code : WDI-0558SP, WDI-1058SP

SK Dial Gauge Small Type

Code : WDI-0342, WDI-0542

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