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SK Protractor

Code : No. 182 (PRT-182S), No. 183 (PRT-183S)

SK Protractor

Code : No. 30 (PRT-30S), No. 101 (PRT-101S)

SK Protractor

Code : No. 300, No. 400, No. 600, No. 1000, PRT-300S, PRT-400S, PRT-600S, PRT-1000S, PRT-300SW, PRT-400SW, PRT-600SW, PRT-1000SW

SK Protractor

Code : No. 19A (PRT-19A), No. 19B (PRT-19B)

SK Protractor

Code : No. 19 (PRT-19SW), No. 19 (PRT-19S)

SK Protractor

Code : No. 15 (PRT-15), No. 19 (PRT-19)

SK Feeler Gauge (Wide Type)

Code : SFG30-005-1, SFG30-01-1, SFG30-02-1, SFG30-03-1, SFG30-04-1, SFG30-05-1, SFG30-06-1, SFG30-08-1, SFG30-10-1, SFG50-005-1, SFG50-01-1, SFG50-02-1, SFG50-03-1, SFG50-04-1, SFG50-05-1, SFG50-06-1, SFG50-08-1, SFG50-10-1

SK Block Gauge Set (Grade 0)

Code : GBS0-32, GBS0-47, GBS0-76, GBS0-103

SK Steel Block Gauge (Grade 0)

Code : GB0-05, GB0-10, GB0-1-005, GB0-101,GB0-102,GB0-103, GB0-104, GB0-105, GB0-106, GB0-107, GB0-108, GB0-109, GB0-110, GB0-111, GB0-112, GB0-113, GB0-114, GB0-115, GB0-116, GB0-117, GB0-118, GB0-119, GB0-120, GB0-121, GB0-122, GB0-123, GB0-124, GB0-125, GB0-1

SK Stain Steel Square - Kaidan (Ziggurat) - Single Marking


SK Stain Steel Square - Kaidan (Ziggurat) - Wide Type

Code : MT-30KD (111190), MT-50KD (111191)

SK S-Line Run-Out Gauge System

Code : ROG-221S, ROG-221SS, ROG-221LS, ROG-223S, ROG-223SS, ROG-223LS, ROG-351S, ROG-351SS, ROG-351LS, ROG-353S, ROG-353SS, ROG-353LS, ROG-101S, ROG-103S

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