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Vessel Electric Cable Knifes / Other Tools

Code : No.VDK-1 Electrician Knife, No.VDK-5 Electrician Knife, No.RG-95 Ratchet Rivet Gun, No.5700BD Car Battery Screwdriver

Vessel Other Tools

Code : T-Bar Grip Series, No.TD-BS Spare Bit Set, No.RG-95 Ratchet Rivet Gun, No.ZW-3 ZW-4 Thread Thru Stud Wrench

Vessel Other Tools

Code : 3-Point Screwdriver, S Series, No.TD-110 Cushion 4-Way Stubby ScrewDriver, No.TD-80 T-Bar Ratchet Screwdriver Set

Vessel Other Tools

Code : No.TD-808 "FAMIDORA W8" Screwdriver Set, No.TD-800 "FAMIDORA 8" Screwdriver 8pc. Set, No.TD-812 "FAMIDORA W12" Hex Wrench & Screwdriver Set, "FAMIDORA" Reversible Blade Screwdriver

Vessel Wire Strippers, Double Action Stripping VA cable stripper, No.WB Wire Stripper Blade

Code : No.3100VA-1, No.3500E-1, No.3500E-2, No.3000, No.3700KR, 3000A, 3000B, 3000C, 3000D, 3000G, 3000VA, 3700KR-1, 3700KR-2, WB-001, WB-002, WB-003, WB-004, WB-008, WB-007

Vessel No.71 Plastic Head Hammer, No.72 Rubber / Plastic Head Hammer, No.73 Copper Head Hammer, No.70 Plastic Head Hammer

Code : 71-05, 71-10, 71-15, 71-20, 72-05, 72-10, 72-15, 72-20, 73-10, 73-15, 73-20, 74-10,

Vessel TORX

Code : No.TX-11 TORX Plate Ratchet and Bit Set, No. TX-15 TORX Tool Set, No.TX-12MC Plate Ratchet/Magnetic Screw Catcher (TORX)

Vessel TORX Key Wrenches / Offset Screwdrivers

Code : No.8500TX TORX Key Wrench, No.8507 TORX 7-Piece Key Wrench Set, No.TD-61 "PETADORA" L-shaped Offset Screwdriver, No. TD-63 "PETADORA" L-shaped Offset Screwdriver

Vessel Hex Key Wrenches / TORX Key Wrenches

Code : No.L8700BP UltraBall Key Wrench, No.L8709BP UltraBall Key Wrench, No.8500HX Ultra Hex Key Wrench

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