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Tohnichi DATA TORK (Digital Torque Wrench)

Code : CEM10N3x8D-G, CEM20N3x10D-G, CEM50N3x12D-G, CEM100N3x15D-G, CEM200N3x19D-G, CEM360N3x22D-G, CEM500N3X22D-G, CEM850N3x32D-G

Tohnichi Ratchet Head Beam Type Torque Wrench

Code : QF60N, QF120N, QF220N, QF320N, QF420N, QF560N, QF700N, QF850N, QFR1050N, QFR1400N, QFR2100N, QFR2800N, QFR4200N, QFR6000N, 600QF, 1200QF, 2200QF, 3200QF, 4200QF, 5600QF, 7000QF, 8500QF, 10500QFR, 14000QFR, 21000QFR, 28000QFR, 42000QFR, 60000QFR, 600QF-A,

Tohnichi Interchangeable Head Type Beam Type Torque Wrench

Code : CSF7Nx8D, CSF14Nx8D, CF25Nx10D, CF50Nx12D, CF100Nx15D, CF150Nx19D, CF230Nx22D, CF420x22D, CF850Nx32D, 70CSF, 1400CSF, 250CF, 500CF, 1000CF, 1500CF, 2300CF, 4200CF, 8500CF, 70CSF-A, 1400CSF-A, 250CF-A, 500CF-A, 1000CF-A, 1500CF-A, 2300CF-A, 4200CF-A

Tohnichi Beam Type Torque Wrench

Code : SF40CN, SF70CN, SF1.5N, SF3N, SF6N, SF12N, F23N, F46N, F92N, F130N, F190N, F280N, F420N, F560N, F700N, F850N, F1000N, FR1050N, FR1400N, FR2100N, FR2100N, FR2800N, FR4200N, FR6000N, 4SF, 7SF, 15SF, 30SF, 60SF, 120SF, 230F, 460F, 920F, 1300F, 1900F, 2800F

Tohnichi Interchangeable Head Type Dial Indicating Torque Wrench

Code : CDB7N4x8D-S, CDB14Nx8D-S, CDB25Nx10D-S, CDB50Nx12D-S, CDB100Nx15D-S, CDB200Nx19D-S, CDB300Nx22D-S, CDB420Nx22D-S, 70CDB4-S, 140CDB4-S, 250CDB-S, 500CDB-S, 1000CDB-S, 2000CDB-S, 3000CDB-S, 4200CDB-S, 70CDB4-A-S, 140CDB4-A-S, 250CDB-A-S, 500CDB-A-S

Tohnichi Dial Indicating Torque Wrench

Code : DB1.5N4-S, DB3N4-S, DB6N4-S, DB12N4-S, DB25N-1/4-S, DB25N-S DB50N-S, DB100N-3/8-S, DB100N-S, DB200N-S, DB280N-12/-S, DB280N-S, DB420N-S, DBE560N-S, DBE700N-S, DBE850N-S, DBE1000N-S, DBE1400N-S, DBE2100N-S, DBE2800N-S, DBE4500N-S, DBR6000N-S, 15DB4-S

Tohnichi European Style Interchangeable Head Type Preset Torque Wrench

Code : SCSP25N-9x12, SCSP50-9x12, SCSP100N-9x12, SCSP200N-14x18

Tohnichi Bi-Directional Type Preset Torque Wrench

Code : BQSP25N5, BQSP50N5, BQSP100N5, BQSP140N5, BQSP200N5, BQSP280N3, BQSP420N5

Tohnichi Ratchet Head Type Preset Torque Wrench

Code : QSP1.5N4, QSP3N4, QSP6N4, QSP12N4, QSP25N3-1/4, QSP25N3, QSP50N3, QSP100N4-3/8, QSP100N4, QSP140N3, QSP200N4, QSP280N3-1/2, QSP280N3, QSP420N

Interchangeable Head Type Pre-lock Torque Wrench

Code : PCL10Nx8D, PCL15Nx8D, PCL25Nx10D, PCL50Nx12D, PCL50Nx15D, PCL100Nx15D, PCL140Nx15D, PCL200Nx19D, 100PCL, 150PCL, 225PCL, 450PCL, 500PCL, 900PCL, 1400PCL, 1800PCL, PCL50lX8D, PCL100lX8D, 225PCL-A, 450PCL-A, 500PCL-A, 900PCL-A, 1400PCL-A, 1800PCL-A

Tohnichi Open Ring Head Type Preset Torque Wrench

Code : QRSP38Nx17, QRSP38Nx19, QRSP38Nx21, QRSP38Nx24, QRSPL38Nx17, QRSPL38Nx19, QRSPL38Nx21, QRSPL38Nx24

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