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Imada Muscle Forco Measurement Device

Code : RZTA-1000N, RDSV-1000N, RFB-750N

Imada Lever Operation Stand for Crimp Test LH-500N

Code : LH-500N, CW-500N, CH-500N, 1L3001A, DSV-500N, ACT-1000N, ZTS-2500N, MX2-2500N, CH-5000N, CW-5000N, CB-518, ZTS-1000N, MX2-1000N, LOP-1000N, CB-518

Imada Force-Displacement Measurement Unit FSA series

Code : FSA-0,5K2, FSA-1K2, FSA-2.5K2, FSA-5K2, FSA-0.5KE, FSA-1KE, FSA-0.5HK2, FSA-2.5HK2, FSA-MSL, MX2-500N-FA, MX2-1000N-FA, MX2-2500N-FA, MX2-5000N-FA, EMX-500N, EMX-1000N, MH2-500N-FA, MH2-2500N-FA, MSL-50N, UR series, PGC series, FC series, P90-200N

Imada Texture Analyzer FRTS

Code : FRTS Series, FRTS-5N, FRTS-50N, FRTS-100N, FR-HA-20J, FR-ES-60-20J, FR-KS60-2030J, FR-SR-20S, FR-HA-20S, FR-ES-60-20S, FR-KS60-2030S, FR-SR-20S

Imada Automatic Crimp Tester ACT-1000N

Code : ACT-1000N, ACT-1000N-V300, ACT-T-01, ACT-T-02, RS232C, DSV-500N, LH-500N, ZTS-500N, MX2-500N, CB-518, FW-12, GP-30, ZTS-2500N, MX2-2500N, CB-518, CH-5000N, CW-5000N

Imada Motorized test stand MH2 series

Code : MH2-500N, MH2-2500N, MH2-500N-L

Imada Motorized Test Stand MX Series

Code : MX-500N, MX-1000N, V400, V600, V800, V1200, CB-508

Imada Motorized test stand EMX series

Code : EMX-500N, EMX-1000N, OP-EMX-FA(L), OP-MX2EMX-IC, FSA SERIES, EMX-1000N(L), EMX-500N(L), EMX-500N-L, EMX-5000N-L

Imada Motorized test stand

Code : MX2-500N, MX2-1000N, MX2-2500N, MX2-5000N, OP-MX250-S, OP-MX250-FA, CB-528, CB-706, CB-718

Idama Small Hook, Flat Tip, Conical Tip, Chisel Tip, Extension Shaft, Notched Tip, Large Hook, Y Hook, Flat Tip, Small Hook, Conical Tip, Chisel Tip, Extension Shaft, Notched Tip, Mounting Bolts, Handles, Soft-padding Compression Jig, Film Puncture Testin

Code : A-1, S-1, SR-1, A-2, S-2, A-3, S-3, A-4, S-4, A-6, S-6, A-5, S-5, A-7, S-7, A-8, S-8, B-2, B-1, B-3, B-4, B-6, B-5, B-8, B-7, PAD series, TKS-20N, TKS-250N, PG-2, PG-3, PG-4, PG-5, BT-500N, BT-5000N, BT-5000N-CB, PR-500N, PR-2500N, A-40, A-60, S-40, S-60

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