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Code : Limit Gauges for Screw Thread, Gauge for Parallel Pipe Threads, Gauges for Taper Pipe Threads, Limit Gauges, Master Ring, Taper Gauges
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Thread Gauging System

Limit gauges for parallel screw threads

In the thread gauges system, the limit type is most common. Thread of workpiece is ensured by controlling the GO and NOT GO limit. The types of limit thread gauges systems are broadly divided into ISO class and conventional class 1,2,3.
Differences listed below
1. GO and NOT GO of the ISO gauge system is made with same dimentions for both inspection and working.
2. Pass/Fail assessment of a NOT GO gauge for the ISO class gauge system has been set as not be screwed in more than two revolutions.
For class 1,2,3 gauge system it is not to be screwed in more than two revolutions, included two revolutions.

3. For the ISO class gauge system, the thread gauge for check fitting of the thread ring gauge is the GO and NOT GO limit type

Standard thread gauges

A standard thread gauge is comprised of a precisely connected pair of thread ring gauges and thread plug gauges. Unlike the limit system gauge, it is an accurately manufactured gauge to fit into the threads basic angle so it passes when the thread ring gauge and the thread plug gauge go through the thread of workpiece. Use the limit thread gauge when precise fitting of the product is needed.

Gauges for taper pipe threads R

Taper thread gauge are used for inspection of R(Rc,Rp) defined in JIS B 0253. Thread of workpieces R and PT are similar in dimensions but the gauging systems are different. It passes if the pipe or the end of the pipefittings is within the range of the length of the notch of the gauge.
Major Differences listed below
1. For the R thread gauge, the thread ring gauge and thread plug gauge are independent and for the thread ring gauge, the cpg (CP) is used.

2. For R thread gauge, the wear limit is specifild.


American standard taper pipe threads for general use

Gauge for taper pipe thread gauge by American Standard (ANSI) ( Cautionnumber and angle of thread ridge are different from R threads of JIS B 0253)

Features a three segmented notch ( MAX,BASIC,MIN), and passes when between MAX and MIN as shown in the diagram.


Dryseal American Standard taper pipe threads(L1.L2.L3)

Although similar to the NPT, the taper pipe thread gauge by American Standard (ANSI) differs from the NPT thread gauge by having a two-segmented notch, and passes if it is between MAX and MIN. The typical gauge is L1 others are L2 and L3.



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