ACO - ACO Sound Level Meter

ACO Sound Level Meter

Code : Type 6226
Brand : ACO

ACO Sound Level Meter 

Type 6226


"Noise." Though it is an everyday problem, only experts are engaged in noise level measurements. Is it possible to make noise measuremensts easy even for beginners... Our simple question has triggered off the creation of a compact, light and easy-to-handle sound level meter with an excellent cost/performance ratio.

This is an integrating-averaging sound level meter appropriate for environmental noise measurements, equipped with the following measurement functions; equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level(Leq), sound exposure level (LE), and percentile level(Lx). It is easily operated to fulfill various functions from measuring the noise of traffic, aircraft and machinery to quality control and diverse tests. Standard equipment includes an RS-232C interface, and connection to an outer CPU enables continuous operation.


Measurement results are expressed both by bar graph and numerically on a liquid crystal display. Further, the wide dynamic range of 100dB eliminates the need for range switching, realizing easier and more accurate measurements.




  • Percentile level(Lx) - any 5 selectable values
  • Measure equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level capability(Leq)
    Measure environmental noise required for securing occupational health capability
  • Wide linearity range of 100dB
  • Equipped with an RS-232C function, allows for processing of data by PC
  • Equipped with memory function, allows for storing up to 15,000 bits of data
  • Backlite LCD screen for high-visibility and easy-on-the-eye display
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio overpowers comparably priced products




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