Fuso - Fuso Digital Vibration Meter

Fuso Digital Vibration Meter

Code : VB-8200
Brand : Fuso

Fuso Digital Vibration Meter



  • For Quality Contorol, Laboratory use, etc.
  • RS-232C Interface


Classification Sound & Vibration Meter
Sort Vibration Meter
Feature 3 Particularly applicable to research
Mesurement Velocity, Acceleration RMS value, Peak value, Data hold, Max. & Min. value
Range Velocity: 200mm/s: 0.5 to 199.9mm/s, Acceleration: 200m/s2: 0.5 to 199.9m/s2
Resolution 0.01kg
Accuracy ± (5%+2d)
Tempreture Condition 0℃~50℃
Power Source 006P 9V Battery x 1, AC Adapter (option)
Size 180 (L) ×72 (W) ×32 (H) mm
Weight 268g (including battery and Sensor probe)
Accessaries One 9V battery, Carrying case, Vibration sensor, Cable, Magnetic base, Instruction manual

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