Marui Keiki - Marui Keiki Height Gauge Level

Marui Keiki Height Gauge Level

Code : HG-36
Brand : Marui Keiki

Marui Keiki Height Gauge Level




This is a digital protractor with totally new concept to measure the angle by attached on a height gauge or vernier caliper easily.

-Easy and stable measurements can be made by merely applying this HG-36 wo the work-piece.
-Can be attached to or detached from a caliper or height gauge easily.
-With various functions such as display mode selection between 0º0'(base of 60) and 0.00º(decimal), preset,etc.
-Many different measurements are possible by using optional accessories.
-Special measuring attachment suitable to the work-piece are available on request, with which the measuring applications are getting wider.
-With dato output function.


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