Marui Keiki - Marui Keiki Micro Protractor

Marui Keiki Micro Protractor

Code : MP-101
Brand : Marui Keiki

Marui Keiki Micro Protractor



This is a high accurate protractor for measuring the angles on machining, assembling and ispection of machines, jigs, gauges and etc.

-High accurate protractor with minimum reading of 1 minute.
-Full circle type with fine adjustment and also fast feeding is possible.
-No backlash and stable measurements are obtained.
-Special designed high accurate worm fixes the gauge while it is in a state of rest. (By the thimble operation, fine adjustment and fast feeding are possible.)
-The main parts of the case are made of hardened stainless steel superior in rust-resistance and durability.
-High accuracy with an instruments of +/-2'.
-Various types of measurement can be made by using with optional accessories.


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