Issoku - Issoku Grind Gauge

Issoku Grind Gauge

Code : Grind Gauge
Brand : Issoku


  • Grind Gauge is used to measure grind sizes of powder materials like paint, ink, cosmetics. foods, drug, plastic, cement of ceramic and to assess its granularity (uniform dispersion/kneading condition).


How to Use:

  • At first, to drop the ink onto groove of gauge and pull the scraper this side applying it to gauge vertically.
  • Next, to observe and assess the pattern shaped by grains to powder materials.


Asessment Method:

Assessment by lines method

  • To read scale at the position where beyond three lines of over 10mm width appear consecutively side by side.
  • To repeat this way in three times generally. The mean value in three times shall be applied in this measuremtn.

Assessment by Distribution map method

  • To lay the gauge and observe from position at 20~30 degree oblique above.
  • Next, to read scale at the position where gains start to be in tight formation.





Materials of Gauge (Stainless of Gauge Steel (SKS-31))

Type (Single Groove or Dual Groove)

Measuring Range (0~25µm, 0~50µm)

Dimension (mm) 88(W) x 25(H) x 240(D)


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