Shinko Technos - Shinko Tehcnos Hand-held Digital Radiation Thermometers

Shinko Tehcnos Hand-held Digital Radiation Thermometers

Code : IRT-100, IRT-200, IRT-300
Brand : Shinko Technos

 Shinko Tehcnos Hand-held Digital Radiation Thermometers

IRT-100, IRT-200, IRT-300

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Palm-sized IRT-100
Measure the temperature of an object without touching it with our palm-sized IRT-100 series.


IRT-200 series with bright finder
IRT-200 series is a small, light infrared radiation thermometer equipped with a bright finder.


Wide measurement range IRT-300
IRT-300 series measures a wide range of temperatures from -50 to 3000.




Measuring system Infrared radiation thermometer
Detecting element IRT-100 series: Thermopile
IRT-200 series: Si
IRT-300 series: Thermopile
Measuring range IRT-100-TF: -30 to 350
IRT-100-TA: -40 to 500
IRT-200-HS: 600 to 2000
IRT-300-AT: -50 to 1000
IRT-300-AS: 600 to 3000
Measuring wave length IRT-100 series: 8 to 14m
IRT-200 series: 0.9m
IRT-300 series :8 to 13m or 0.96m
Response speed IRT-100 series: 0.8sec
IRT-200 series: 0.2sec
IRT-300 series: 1sec or 0.5sec
Emissivity compensation IRT-100-TF:[0.95/0.80/1.00] switchable
IRT-100-TA:[0.95/0.80/0.30 to 1.90] switchable
(0.01 setting/step)
IRT-200 series: 0.100 to 1.900
IRT-300 series: 0.10 to 1.00
(0.01 setting/step)
Weight IRT-100-TF:Approx. 160g
IRT-100-TA:Approx. 180g
IRT-200 series:Approx. 350g
IRT-300 series:Approx. 700g

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