Otsuka - Luxo LED Illuminated Magnifier

Luxo LED Illuminated Magnifier

Code : WAVE LED ESD (Free arm-type illuminated magnifier with anti-static provision)
Brand : Otsuka

Product features
With LUXO WAVE LED series, you may obtain 2 types of examination images – “Shadow free expansion,” that emits lights from 2 directions with 2 LED independently-controlled lightings placed on the left and right of the lens, and an enhanced magnified image using only one lighting (either right or left) to enhance the three-dimensional effect.
The lighting provides a step-type dimming function by 100-50-0%, making the various lighting effects possible including the individual lighting of the left and right lighting.
The long arm provides smooth operation in both vertical and horizontal directions, and can always be in the correct position (without wandering).
The lighting and lens can perform up/down/left/right/axis rotation movements by the joint mechanism of the head part.
The flexibility of installation is also high.
Two types of magnification with 3.5x and 5x available by using the LUXO-PUL additional magnification is possible.
However, the lens itself is not interchangeable.

■Product Name
LED Illuminated Magnifier

WAVE LED (Free arm-type illuminated magnifier)

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