Otsuka - Luxo LED Illuminated Magnifier

Luxo LED Illuminated Magnifier

Code : KFM LED ESD (ESD-safe free arm illuminated magnifier)
Brand : Otsuka


■Product features
The LUXO KFM LED ESD series is an electrostatic discharge-safe LED illuminated magnifier designed to release static electricity in a controlled way in accordance with the way it is generated.
It minimizes effects from electrostatic discharge on electronic and resin components. This is a highly appraised product for professionals, contributing to an improvement in quality.
This standard illuminated magnifier is equipped with a round optical glass lens and semicircular LED. With its large ɸ127 mm aperture lens and stepless LED light control, it is a perfect work tool for all industrial applications, as well as hospitals, laboratories, cosmetics, and others.
Its long arm provides smooth vertical and horizontal operation so that it remains in the correct position at all times without wobbling. The head joint allows the light and the lens to perform up/down, and left/right axis rotation, giving great freedom in installation.
It comes with two types of magnification (3.5x and 5x),. Although the lens is fixed and cannot be replaced, it is possible to add magnification by using LUXO-PUL.

■Product Name
LED illuminated magnifier

KFM LED ESD (ESD-safe free arm illuminated magnifier)

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