Otsuka - Luxo LED Illuminated Magnifier

Luxo LED Illuminated Magnifier

Code : LFM LED (Free arm-type illuminated magnifier)
Brand : Otsuka


■Product features
LUXO LFM LED series is a lightweight magnifier equipped with a free-arm made of LUXO tradition, large diameter φ127mm optical glass lens, and LED lighting with light intensity control and full metal structure.
Combined with an LED with the step-type (100%-50%-0%) dimming function and 3x lens (fixed) on a compact head, it will demonstrate reliable detection capability.
The all-metal arm provides smooth operation in both vertical and horizontal directions, and can always be at the correct position (without wandering).
The lighting and lens can perform up/down/left/right/axis rotation movements by the joint mechanism of the head part.
The flexibility of installation is also high.
The magnification is 3x (fixed), and by using the LUXO-PUL, additional magnification is available.
However, the lens itself is not interchangeable.

■Product Name
LED Illuminated Magnifier

LFM LED (Free arm-type illuminated magnifier)

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