Otsuka - Otsuka LED Illuminated Magnifier

Otsuka LED Illuminated Magnifier

Code : SKKL-CL (lightbox-type illuminated magnifier)
Brand : Otsuka


■Product features
SKKL-CL is a product with two lightings; epi-illumination around the lens, and transillumination in the box.
The SKKL series can individually
turn on/off the two types of lighting.
In addition to the appearance inspection by epi-illumination, you may inspect the inside of a permeable object using transillumination or check the condition of the outer circumference.
The light source of the LED is molded to the same shape as the 20W-type fluorescent tube, and a resin protective cover is attached to the light emission side.
In addition, the light distribution characteristic of the lighting is set to the same level of the fluorescent tube, enabling smooth replacement from the fluorescent type illuminated magnifier.
LED lighting can easily be turned on/off with a toggle switch.
(No adjustment available on the intensity of lighting. )

■Product Name
LED Illuminated Magnifier

SKKL-CL (lightbox-type illuminated magnifier)

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