Otsuka - Otsuka LED Illuminated Magnifier

Otsuka LED Illuminated Magnifier

Code : SKKL-CF type (Compact free-arm illuminated magnifier)
Brand : Otsuka


Product features
SKKL-CF is an arm-type illuminated magnifier to be clamped on a workbench when in use.
The arm can be moved and stopped at a desired position with a spring, making a larger work space possible, and with the short arm of the CF type,
you can use the product in an environment with less installation space.
The light source of the LED is molded to the same shape as the 20W type fluorescent tube, and a resin protective cover is attached to light emission side.
In addition, the light distribution characteristic of the lighting is set to the same level of the fluorescent tube, enabling smooth replacement from the fluorescent type illuminated magnifier.
LED lighting can easily be turned on/off with a toggle switch.
(No adjustment available on the intensity of lighting. )

■Product Name
LED Illuminated Magnifier

SKKL-CF type (Compact free-arm illuminated magnifier)

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