Honda Electronics - Honda Standard desk-top ultrasonic cleaner

Honda Standard desk-top ultrasonic cleaner

Code : WT-100-M, WT-200-M, WT-300-M
Brand : Honda Electronics



Three oscillation mode

  • Soft (Single and continuous 45 kHz oscillation)
  • Rhythm (Burst mode 45 kHz oscillation)
  • Powerful (Switching between 28 and 45 kHz)

Simple desktop style cleaner enables multiple cleaning modes.

* Powerful mode
Different frequency provides different characteristic. 28 KHz is known for its strong power. 45 kHz is known for a good work against finer cleaning. Altering these two frequencies can suppress the risk of erosion and standing wave (hot-spot).


    • Delicate precision parts
    • Optical parts
    • Plastic parts
    • Electronics parts
    • Laboratory devices

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