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Riken Hand Magnet, Demagnetizer

Code : RHMG-HC, RD-1

Riken Precision Square With Base JIS 1st class. JIS 2nd class

Code : RDS1-50, RDS1-75, RDS1-100, RDS1-150, RDS1-200, RDS1-300, RDS1-500, RDS1-750, RDS1-1000, RDS2-50, RDS2-75, RDS2-100, RDS2-150, RDS2-200, RDS2-300, RDS2-500, RDS2-750, RDS2-1000

Riken Surface Gauge Round

Code : RRTO-150, RRTO-200, RRTO-250, RRTO-300, RRTO-400, RRTO-500, RRTO-600, RRTO-750, RRTO-1000

Riken Surface Gauge Square

Code : RSTO-150, RSTO-200, RSTO-250, RSTO-300, RSTO-400, RSTO-500, RSTO-600, RSTO-750, RSTO-1000

Riken Scale Holder

Code : RSY-B1, RSY-B2, RSY-B3

Riken Dial Protractor

Code : Stock No. 118

Riken Universal Bevel Protractor (495 Type)

Code : Stock No. 119 - 495-D

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