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Shimpo Digital Torque Meters

Code : TNP-05P, TNP-2P, TNP-5P, TNP-10P

Shimpo Tension Meters

Code : PLS-0.2K-, PLS-0.5K-, PLS-1K-, PLS-2K-, PLS-5K-, PLS-10K-

Shimpo Force Gauge Stands (Motorized/Manual)

Code : FGS-50XB-L, FGS-50XB-H

Shimpo Exclusive Jogs(Optiona),One touch film chuck, Wedge chuck, Pantograph chuck, Flat chuck, Fine point chuck, Cam chuck, Oblique chuck, Roulette cam type attachment, Rotation type crimped teminal catching attachment, Hook for corrugated paper sealing

Code : FGTT-20-20, FGTT-532, FGTT-21, FGTT-533, FGTT-22-M6, FGTT-23, FGTT-523, FGTT-24, FGTT-27, FGTT-26, FGTT-28, FGTT-29, FGTT-25, FGTT-30, FGTT-31, GT-30-1, FGTT-09, FGTT-10, FGTT-32, FGTT-531, GC-2-5, GC-50, 4PC-2B, 6PC-15, 4PC-20, 6FC-20, 4SC-3, 6SC-3, 4SC

Shimpo Ratio Meters


Shimpo Panel Mount Digital Tachometers

Code : DT-5TXR, DT-5TFR, DT-5TVR

Shimpo Digital Tachometer

Code : DT-5TS, DT-5TL

Shimpo Center-Open Vise, Fine Points Grips

Code : FGTT-30, FGTT-22-M6

Shimpo Digital Tachometer

Code : DT-2100, DT-2100-OP-PCS, DT-2100-OP-CAS-L, DT-2100-OP-CAS-RBB, DT-2100-OP-CAS, FPM-12, FPM-6, FPM-6-GV,

Shimpo Digital Torque Meter

Code : TNJ-2, TNJ-5, TNJ-10

Shimpo Motorized Test Stand

Code : FGS-50E-L, FGS-50E-H

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