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Shimpo Motorized Test Stand

Code : FGS-100HB, FGS-250HB, FGS-100VC, FGS250VC

Shimpo Desktop Test Stands

Code : FGS-10TV, FGS-50TV, FGS-100TV, FGS-200TV, FGS-500TV, FGS-1000TV, FGS-5000TV

Shimpo Digital Torque Meter

Code : TRC-2, TRC-5, TRC-10

Shimpo Digital Torque Meters

Code : TNP-0.5, TNP-2, TNP-5, TNP-10, TNP-10CE, TNP-5CE, TNP-2CE

Shimpo Digital Torque Meter

Code : TNX-0.5, TNX-2, TNX-5, TNX-10

Shimpo Non-Contact / Contact Tachometer

Code : EE-1B, EE-2B, EE-1N, EE-2N

Shimpo Digital Tachometer

Code : DT-105A, DT-105A-S12, DT-107A, DT-105N, DT-107N, DT-107A-S12

Shimpo Hand Tachometer

Code : DT-205Z, DT-205LR, DT-207LR, DT-205LR-S12, DT-207LR-S12, DT-ADP-200LR, FPM-6

Shimpo Digital Tension Meter

Code : TMX-0.2C, DTMB-0.2C, DTMX-0.5C, DTMB-0.5C, DTMX-1C, DTMB-1C, DTMX-2C, DTMB-2C, DTMX-2.5C, DTMB-2.5C, DTMX-5C. DTMB-5C, DTMX-10C, DTMB-10C, DTMX-20C, DTMB-20C, ZF2-5, ZF2-10, ZF2-20, ZF2-30, ZF2-50, ZF2-100, PLS-10G, PLS-20G, PLS-50G, PLS-0.2K, PLS-0.5K

Shimpo Stroboscopes

Code : DT-329

Shimpo Digital Stroboscopes

Code : DT-325, DT-326

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