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SK Magnetic Level

Code : ML-100KB, ML-100KW, ML-150KB, ML-150KW

SK Dial Slant Rule Kaidan

Code : DSR-180KD, DSRM-180KD

SK Welding Electrode Gauge Set / Single Part

Code : EC-1015S, EC-1520S, EC-2025S, EC-10, EC-11, EC-12, EC-13, EC-14, EC-15, EC-16, EC-17, EC-18, EC-19, EC-20, EC-21, EC-22, EC-23, EC-24, EC-25

SK Multi Step Gauge

Code : MSG-50

SK Short Taper Guge Set / Single Part

Code : TPG-057, TPG-511, TPG-915, TPG-0515S

SK Stainless Thickness Gauge

Code : S172MA, S172MB, S172MC

SK Steel Limit Ring Gauge with Protective Cover

Code : HKLR5-h7, HKLR6-h7, HKLR7-h7, HKLR8-h7, HKLR9-h7, HKLR10-h7, HKLR11-h7, HKLR12-h7, HKLR13-h7, HKLR14-h7, HKLR15-h7, HKLR16-h7, HKLR17-h7, HKLR18-h7, HKLR19-h7, HKLR20-h7

SK Thread Limit Gauge (OLD JIS / GPWP II. GRWR II)

Code : GPWP2-0204, GPWP2-026045, GPWP2-0305, GPWP2-03506, GPWP2-0407, GPWP2-0508, GPWP2-06075, GPWP2-0610, GPWP2-0710, GPWP2-0810, GPWP2-08125, GPWP2-1010, GPWP2-10125, GPWP2-1015, GPWP2-1210, GPWP2-12125, GPWP2-1215, GPWP2-12175, GPWP2-1420, GPWP2-1620, GPWP2-1

SK Therad Limit Plug Gauge (ISO Type JIS/GPNP)

Code : GPNP-0204I, GPNP-0305I, GPNP-03506I, GPNP-0407I, GPNP-0508I, GPNP-06075I, GPNP-0610I, GPNP-0710I, GPNP-0810I, GPNP-08125I, GPNP-1010I, GPNP-10125I, GPNP-1015I, GPNP-1210I, GPNP-12125I, GPNP-1215I, GPNP-12175I

SK Thread Limit Gauge (OLD JIS / GPIPII.GRIR II)

Code : GPIP2-0204, GPIP2-02604, GPIP2-0305, GPIP2-03506, GPIP2-0407, GPIP2-0508, GPIP2-06075, GPIP2-0610, GPIP2-0710, GPIP2-0810, GPIP2-08125, GPIP2-1010, GPIP2-10125, GPIP2-1015, GPIP2-1210, GPIP2-12125, GPIP2-1215, GPIP2-12175, GPIP2-1420, GPIP2-1620, GPIP2-18

SK Tap Gauge for NoGo, Tap Gauge For Go

Code : GP2N-0305, GP2N-0407, GP2N-0508, GP2N-0610, GP2N-08125, GP2G-0305, GP2G-0407, GP2G-0508, GP2G-0610, GP2G-08125

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