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Peacock Dial Plumb Bob ( VH Series )

Code : VH-240, VH-200, VH-175, VH-110, VH-40

Peacock Digital Gauges

Code : PDN-21, PDN-51

Peacock Signal Gauges / Signal Checker

Code : S-5, S-7, S-9, SC-2A

Peacock Digital Upright Gauge (0.001mm, 0.01mm)

Code : R1-205, R1-257, R1-127, R1N-255, R1N-257

Peacock Digital Depth Gauge

Code : T2-205W, T2-257W, T1-205, T1-257, T2-127, T3-127, T5-127, T6-127, DG-205, DG-257, DG-205, DG-257, DG-127

Peacock Digital Pipe Gauge / Digital Hole Gauge

Code : P2-257, P2-127, GH-127

Peacock Digital Thickness Gauge (Large Type) / Digital Sheet Gauge

Code : JA-205 (JAN-255), JA-257 (JAN-257), K1-257

Peacock Digital Thickness Gauge

Code : G2-205, G2-257, G2-205M, G2-257M

Peacock Deep Hole Bore Gauges - EMCC Series

Code : EMCC-2, EMCC-3, EMCC-4, EMCC-5, EMCC-6

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