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Peacock Dial Bore Gage Sets

Code : 5710, 5730, 5740, 5750, 5770, 5790, 5710B, 5730B, 5740B, 5750B, 5770B, 5790B

Peacock Pic Test Indicators

Code : 2000, 2030, 2010, 2050, 2060, 2200, 2210, 2000B, 2030B, 2010B, 2050B, 2060B, 2200B, 2210B

Peacock Dial Gages 0.001" and 0.0001" / Type Metric Graduations 0.01mm

Code : 1200, 1330, 1310, 1364, 1440, 1460, 1330B, 1310B, 1364B, 1440B, 1460B, 1201, 1311, 1331, 1361

Peacock Cylinder Gauge for measuring the Large diameter of SPLINE

Code : CC-124B, CC-126B, CC-128B, CC-130B, CC-132B, CC-134B, CC-136B, CC-138B, CC-140B, CC-142B, CC-144B, CC-146B, CC-245B, CC-250B, CC-255B, CC-260B, CC-265B, CC-270B, CC-275B, CC-280, CC-124HB, CC-126HB, CC-128HB, CC-130HB, CC-132HB, CC-134HB, CC-136HB

Peacock Cylinder Gauge for measuring OVERPIN Diameter of internal Gear

Code : CC-124A, CC-126A, CC-128A, CC-130A, CC-132A, CC-134A, CC-136A, CC-138A, CC-140A, CC-142A, CC-144A, CC-146A, CC-245A, CC-25OA, CC-255A, CC-260A, CC-265A, CC-270A, CC-275A, CC-280A, CC-124HA, CC-126HA, CC-128HA, CC-130HA, CC-132HA, CC-134HA, CC-136HA

Peacock Full Choice Cylinder Gauges ; CC, CG series

Code : CC-1101, CC-0111, CC-0112, CC-0113, CC-0114, CC-0115, CC-0116, CC-0117, CC-0118, CC-0100, CG-0110, CG-0111, CG-0112, CG-0113, CG-0114, CG-0115, CG-006, CG-0117, CG-0118, CG-0100, CC-118, CC-120, CC-122, CC-124, CC-126, CC-128, CC-130, CC-132, CC-134

Peacock Cylinder Gauges (Blind Hole Type) - CG series

Code : CG-01, CG-1, CG-2, CG-3, CG-3C, CG-4, CG-5, CG-6

Peacock Short Size Cylinder Gauges - S series

Code : CC-1HS (CC-1S), CC-2HS (CC-2S), CC-3HS (CC-3S), CC-3HS (CC-3CS), CC-1CH, CC-2H, CC-3CH, CC-1H, CC-2H, CC-3H, CC-3CH, CC-1HS, CC-2HS, CC-3HS, CC-3CHS, CC-1HR, CC-2HR, CC-3HR, CC-3CHR, CC-1, CC-1R, CC-1S, CC-2, CC-2R, CC-2S, CC-3, CC-3R, CC-3S, CC-3C, CC-3C

Peacock NEW PIC TEST - One Revolution PCN "Z" series

Code : PCN-1BZ(A), PCN-1LZ(A), PCN-2Z(A), PCN-1BZ(B), PCN-1LZ(B), PCN-2Z(B)

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