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Peacock Magnetic Stands

Code : YM-1F, YM-2F, YM-3

Peacock Dial Gauge Stands

Code : SIS-6C, SIS-7, PDS-2, PDS-2F, SIS-4, HS-25, SIS-4F

Peacock Dial Inside Gauge (U series)

Code : U-1, U2HA, U2FA, U2FB, U3HA, U3HB

Peacock Dial Depth Gauge (T series)

Code : T-1, T-1W, T-2, T-2W, T-2B, T-2C, T-3, T-4, T-6A, T-6B, XT-2C, XT-3, XT-4, 207F-T, 207WF-T, 107F-T, 196B-T, 5F

Peacock Dial Calipers LB series (Inside measuring of ID and groove widths)

Code : LB-1, LB-2, LB-3, LB-4, LB-5, LB-6, LB-7, LB-7S, LB-7V, LB-8, LB-9, LB-14, LH-12

Peacock Dial Calipers LA series (Outside measuring of ODs and thicknesses)

Code : LA-1, LA-2, LA-3, LA-4, LA-5, LA-5S, LA-6, LA-7, LA-8, LA-9, LA-10, LA-11, LA-13, LA-14, LA-20, LA-21, LA-22, LA-23, LA-24, LA-31

Peacock Snap Calipers

Code : EG-1, EG-2

Peacock Constant Pressure Thickness Gauge

Code : FFG-1, FFG-2, FFG-4, FFG-5, FFG-6, FFG-7, FFG-8, FFG-9, FFG-11, FFG-12, FFA-1, FFA-2, FFA-3, FFA-4, FFA-5, FFA-6, FFA-7, FFA-8, FFA-9, FFA-10, FFA-11, FFA-12, FFA-13, FFD-1, FFD-2, FFD-3, FFD-4, FFD-6, FFD-7, FFD-8, FFD-10, FFD-13

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