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Peacock PIC TEST/NEW PIC TEST with Ruby ball Contact Point "R" series


Peacock Caliper Gauge

Code : LA-16P, LA-17PD, LA-18P, LA-19P, LA-26P

Peacock Digital Gauge

Code : PDN-21, PDN-51, PDN-CC, PDN-PP, No.SIS-6C, No.GB-3D20, No.LL-D20, No.RE-4 (No.RE-4L), No.LL-PD, No.IF-21, No.FW-1, X-2, X-9, CC-02, CC-01, CC-1, CC-2, CC-3, CC-3C, CC-4, CC-5, CC-6, CG-1, CG-2, CG-3, CG-3C, CG-4, CG-5, CG-6,

Peacock Spherical Contact Point, Carbide Flat Contact Point, Carbide Plain Contact Point, Needle Type Contact Point, Needle Contact Point, Roller Contact Point, Contact Point Joint,

Code : XB-305, XB-308, XB-605, XB-707, XB-505, XB-506, XB-800, XB-801, XB-802, XB-803, XB-804, XB-805, XB-806, XB-807, XB-808, XB-809, XS-800, XS-801, XS-802, XS-803, XS-804, XS-805, XS-806, XS-807, XS-808, XS-809, XT-2C, XT-3, XT-4, XT-5, SH-1, SH-2, XJ-406,

Peacock Ball Contact Point, Offset Contact Point, Special Contact Point, Ball Contact Point for Oil Proof Type, Spherical Contact Point, Flat Contact Point, Button Type Contact Point, Taper Contact Point, Contact Point Set XS, Plain Contact Point,

Code : X-1, X-103, X-105, X-107, X-112, X-125, XB-1, X-8, X-2, XB-2, XC-2, X-2A, XB-2A, X-12, X-3, X-4, X-5, X-6, X-7, XS-1, XS-105, XS-110, XS-115, XS-120, XS-125, XS-130, XS-5, XS-510, XS-2, XS-205, XS-210, XS-215, XS-220, XS-225, XS-230, XS-6, XS-3, XS-310,

Peacock Cylinder Gauges

Code : CC-01R, CC-1HR (CC-1R), CC-2HR (CC-2R), CC-3HR (CC-3R), CC-3CHR (CC-3CR), CG-01R, CG-1R, CG-2R, CG-3R, CG-3CR

Peacock Digital Thickness Gauges (Handy type) & (Large Type)

Code : DGN-255, DGN-257, G2N-255, DGN-125, DGN-125B, G2N-255M, G2N-257, G2N-257M, No.RE-205 (No.RE-205L), No.LL-205, No.GB-1DX, No.LL-D20, Lug Back, No.KB-232C, No.IF-21B, No.SW-1, No.KB-USB, RIN-25, RIN-257, T2N-255W, T2N-257W, XS-315, JAN-255, JAN-257

Peacock Dial Gauge

Code : 809UOPK

Peacock Overload Gauge

Code : K300-42M10-M27

Peacock Dial Gauge

Code : 107-HG, 107-DX, 107, 107F. 107-SWA, 107-BL, 107F-RE, 107-LL, 107W, 107F-T, 107-E, 17, 57-SWA, 57, 57F, 57B

Peacock Contact Point for Pic Test

Code : XP1A-3, XP1A-2, XP1A-2R, XP1A-1, XP1A-08, XP1A-05, XP1B-3, XP1B-2, XP1B-2R, XP1B-1, XP1B-08, XP1B-05, XP1L-3, XP1L-2, XP1L-2R, XP1L-1, XP1L-08, XP1L-05, XP2-3, XP2-2, XP2-2R, XP2-1, XP2-08, XP2-05, XN1A-3, XN1A-2, XN1A-2R, XN1A-1, XN1A-08, XN1A-05

Peacock Accessories for Dial Gauges

Code : X-1, X-103, X-105, X-107, X-112, X-125, XB-1, XB-215, XB-130, XC-1, XC-125, X-2, XB-2, XC-2, X-2A, XB-2A, XS-1, XS-105, XS-110, XS-115, XS-120, XS-125, XS-130, XB-305, XB-308, XS-2, XS-205, XS-215, XS-220, XS-225, XS-230, XB-405, XB-406, XB-408

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